Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie


The compositional production of Leopold Mozart (born in 1719) has only been handed down in fragments. In Salzburg, where he lived from 1738 until his death, only sacred compositions by him are preserved in the Cathedral library. His oeuvre is thus – seriously decimated – only preserved in “secondary sources” from South German-Austrian monastery and libraries of the nobility, although – since special research has been carried on in Augsburg – the repertoire of Sinfonias is now growing. It is meanwhile out of the question, however, that “a big fish will be caught” again like the Serenade discovered during the 1970s at Seitenstetten Monastery. In the recording presented here, one can gain an overall impression of the composer’s oeuvre. And better interpreters than the bayerische kammerphilharmonie under Reinhard Goebel can hardly be found.

Leopold Mozart OC 1844