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Axel Wolf & Hugo Siegmeth & Stefan HunsteinWinterreise nach Franz Schubert
Winterreise after Franz Schubert Axel Wolf, lute and theorbo Hugo Siegmeth, soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet Stefan Hunstein, narrator

This interpretation of Die Winterreise is certainly unusual. Here, there is no singer; instead, the text is recited. The music still allows Schubert’s themes and motifs to ring out, but it treats them with complete freedom. The instrumental timbres are also different: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone and bass clarinet exchange with lute and theorbo. Axel Wolf and Hugo Siegmeth join narrator Stefan Hunstein on an introspective journey that is finely connected, both musically and interpretively. Die Winterreise is about human existence, about a redefinition of one’s position after a setback, when someone who has been rejected reflects ...more

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