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Singer PurPilger auf Erden - Deutsche geistliche Vokalmusik des 19. Jahrhunderts
SINGER PUR Pilger auf Erden German sacred vocal music of the 19th century • Co-Production with SWR2 Kultur Singer Pur Claire Elizabeth Craig (a), Claudia Reinhard (b), soprano Christian Meister, tenor I Marcel Hubner (a), Markus Zapp (b), tenor II Manuel Warwitz, tenor III Jakob Steiner, baritone • Felix Meybier, bass

Music developed relentlessly in the tense environment of the 19th century. Many composers broke away from firmly established conventions, taking ever greater liberties and forming a counterpart to the industrial and technical revolutions taking place at the same time. Singer Pur traces that arc of tension in this programme, in which the individual composers no doubt differed widely in their attitudes to faith and spirituality. Anton Bruckner, known for his almost ...more