Michael Gläser

The Bavarian Radio Choir celebrated its 60th anniversary in May 2006. It experienced a major phase in its artistic development between 1990 and 2005 under its conductor Michael Gläser. A regular guest conductor in this time was Rupert Huber. As of fall 2005, Peter Dijkstra – a true shooting star in the choral music scene and an exceptionally versatile singer and conductor – took over the choir’s direction. This CD is both a retrospective of the ensemble’s recent history as well as a small anthology of the romantic choral lied. The 19th century experienced a renaissance of secular choral music and the foundation of countless choirs and groups of people who got together to sing for fun. Johannes Brahms, for example, began his professional activities by conducting a women’s choir, and created an extensive oeuvre of choral literature.
»Leise Töne der Brust« OC 589