Salzburger Bachchor


The Lord’s Prayer is the most universal prayer in Christendom, prayed by believers of all denominations. What would be more natural, then, than to bring together several settings of this prayer on a CD with the outstanding Salzburg Bach Choir?

The CD was recorded in a relatively modern church in the Salzkammergut (Salzburg Province, Austria), equipped with wooden ceilings and walls on the inside, resulting in very special acoustics. The recordings were made in May. When the technical cuts of the recordings were made in early autumn, it became clear that soft birdsong, almost but not quite unnoticeable, could be heard during the singing for nearly the whole time. “We originally thought that we would have to cut out the twittering, but then we decided to leave it in”, says choir director Alois Glassner. The reason is that the heavenly singers are part of this music.