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Arcis-Vocalisten München Carl Loewe: Jan Hus - Oratirium, Op. 2 OC 1720 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberOC 1720
Release date21/07/2023

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      World Première Recording

      CARL LOEWE (1860–1911): Jan Hus - Oratorium, op. 82

      Libretto by Prof. Dr. August Zeune • Co-Production with BR-Klassik

      Disc 1
      1 Introduzione – Prolog
      2 – 11 Erster Teil – In Prag
      12 – 23 Zweiter Teil – Die Reise

      Disc 2
      1 – 11 Dritter Teil – in Konztanz
      Auf dem Schloss zu Costnitz (Konstanz)

      Monika Mauch, soprano - Sofia; Barbara
      Ulrike Malotta, alto - Zigeunerin
      Georg Poplutz, tenor - Huss
      Dominik Wörner, bass - Wenzel; Chlum; Siegmund; Bischof von Lübeck; Bischof von Florenz Hieronymus
      Thomas Gropper, bass - Hirte

      Arcis Vocalisten München
      Barockorchester L’arpa festante (with original-Instruments)
      Thomas Gropper

      Carl Loewe fashioned his 1841 oratorio about the Bohemian theologian Jan (or Johann) Hus (or Huss) as a kind of ‘opera without a scene’. A good 100 years before the rise to prominence of religious reformer Martin Luther, Hus had taken a hard stance on the official church and was burned at the stake on 6 July 1415 in Constance, following his condemnation by the council. Based on a libretto by August Zeune, Carl Loewe’s Jan Hus premiered on 16 December 1841 in a performance by the Berliner Singakademie.
      This rarely performed work, surely deserving of more attention, is now finally available with this world premiere recording by the Arcis Vocalisten and the Baroque Orchestra L’arpa festante conducted by Thomas Gropper.

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      • 1.Introduzione – Prolog05:07
      • Erster Teil – In Prag
        • 2.Nr 1 Chor der Schüler und Studenten03:49
        • 4.Nr 2a – Rezitative (Hieronymus; Huss)00:57
        • 6.Nr 2b Chor01:48
        • 8.Nr 3a Rezitativ (Hus)01:08
        • 10.3b Arie (Hieronymus)04:00
        • 12.Nr 3c Chor und Hieronymus01:59
        • 14.Nr 4a Rezitativ (Hus)00:16
        • 16.Nr 4b Choral (Hus und Chor)01:17
        • 18.Nr 5a Rezitativ (Wenzel, Sofia, Huss auf dem Prager Schloss)03:03
        • 20.Nr 5b Terzett (Wenzel, Sofia, Huss)08:15
      • Zweiter Teil – Die Reise
        • 3.Nr 6 Chor der Zigeuner (im Böhmer Wald)02:09
        • 5.Nr 7 Choral01:19
        • 7.Nr 8 Chor der Zigeuner01:12
        • 9.Nr 9a Rezitative (Chlum, Zigeuner, Zigeunerin)00:38
        • 11.Nr 9b Arie (Zigeunerin)04:24
        • 13.Nr 10a Rezitative (Huss, Zigeunerin, Chlum)01:02
        • 15.Nr 10b Chor der Zigeuner00:41
        • 17.Nr 11 Rezitativ und Chor (Chlum und Chor)00:34
        • 19.Nr 12 Arioso (Huss, Chor)02:08
        • 21.Nr 13 Chor der Zigeuner00:53
        • 22.Nr 14 Praeludium und Rezitative (Huss, ein Hirte, Chlum)04:22
        • 23.Nr 15 Psalm 23 und Hirtenchor (Huss und Chor)04:34
      • Total:55:35
      more CD 2
      • Dritter Teil – Auf dem Schloss zu Costnitz (Konstanz)
        • 1.Nr 16 Rezitative (Siegmund, Barbara)04:24
        • 2.Nr 17 Arie (Barbara)02:26
        • 3.Nr 18 Duett (Barbara und Siegmund)02:09
        • 4.Nr 19 Chor: Missa Canonica05:08
        • 5.Nr 20 Rezitative (Bischof von Lübeck, Huss, Kardinal von Florenz)02:27
        • 6.Nr 21 Arie - Huss (Der 73 Psalm)05:13
        • 7.Nr 22 Choral-Gebet (Huss)01:56
        • 9.Nr 24 Rezitative und Chor (Ein Bauer, Huss, Chor)01:56
        • 10.Nr 25 Chor der Flammengeister (Huss, Chor)02:19
        • 11.Nr 26 Große Chorfuge - Ungetrübt und rein04:04
      • 8.Nr 23 Chor und Huss05:18
      • Total:37:20