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Singer Pur & The Hilliard Ensemble Rihm · Sciarrino · Moody · Metcalf OC 1866 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberOC 1866
Release date01.11.2016
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Metcalf, Joanne
  • Moody, Ivan
  • Rihm, Wolfgang
  • Sciarrino, Salvatore

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      Singer Pur & The Hilliard Ensemble: New Edition with More Titles by Wolfgang Rihm

      Wolfgang Rihm (*1952)
      Tristis est anima mea
      Ecce vidimus eum
      Velum templi scissum est
      Tenebrae factae sunt

      Salvatore Sciarrino (*1947)
      Responsorio delle tenebre a sei voci (2001)

      Ivan Moody (*1964)
      Lamentation of the Virgin

      Joanne Metcalf (*1958)
      Il nome del bel fior (1998)

      Wolfgang Rihm
      Caligaverunt oculi mei (2005)
      Recessit pastor noster (2006)
      Aestimatus sum (2006)

      Singer Pur The Hilliard Ensemble

      Since their founding in 1992, Singer Pur have been a guarantee for vocal music in first-class interpretations.
      The ensemble has continued to dedicate itself to completely different subjects and epochs; on the present new edition, they ennoble works by Rihm, Sciarrino, Moody und Metcalf, toge-ther with the renowned Hilliard Ensemble.
      We are releasing this production in accordance with this vocal ensemble‘s wishes and in view of Rihm‘s upcoming 65th birth-day and the 25th anniversary of Singer Pur, both in 2017, with extensive performance dates. It is a new edition of OC354, completed by three works of Wolfgang Rihm which had until now only been available on a separate CD.

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      CD 1
      • Wolfgang Rihm
        • 1.Tristis est anima mea02:47
        • 2.Ecce vidimus eum03:56
        • 3.Velum templi scissum est03:30
        • 4.Tenebrae factae sunt04:45
      • Salvatore Sciarrino
        • 5.Responsorio delle tenebre a sei voci (2001)08:41
      • Ivan Moody
        • 6.Lamentation of the Virgin13:18
      • Joanne Metcalf - Il nome del bel fior (1998)
        • 7.Maria I – countertenor solo02:48
        • 8.Quivi è la rosa - soprano, countertenor, tenor04:51
        • 9.Maria II – Singer Pur02:39
        • 10.Il nome del bel fior - Hilliard Ensemble04:16
        • 11.Maria III – Hilliard Ensemble02:34
        • 12.Io sono amore angelico - Singer Pur02:33
        • 13.Maria IV – Tutti02:40
      • Wolfgang Rihm
        • 14.Caligaverunt oculi mei (2005)04:17
        • 15.Recessit pastor noster (2006)03:19
        • 16.Aestimatus sum (2006)05:03
      • Total:01:11:57