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Regula Mühlemann & Okka von der Damerau & Wolfgang Schwaiger & Tareq Nazmi & Adrian BaianuLieder im Volkston
Lieder in Volkston (Songs in the Style of Folk Music) Wonderful Premiere Recordings Resulting from a Competition Diverse Composers including Eugen d’Albert Leo Blech Wilhelm Kienzl Engelbert Humperdinck Siegfried Ochs Hans Pfitzner Max Schillings Siegfried Wagner uva.

From the competition Im Volkston of the journal “Die Woche” during the years 1903 & 1904

Regula Mühlemann, soprano 1 Okka von der Damerau, mezzosoprano 2 Wolfgang Schwaiger, baritone 3 Tareq Nazmi, bass 4 Adrian Baianu, piano

The Berlin weekly journal “Die Woche”, issued from 1899 to 1944 by the publisher August Scherl, announced a composition competition in 1903 with the aim of encouraging new songs “im Volkston” (in the style of folk mu-sic). Prominent composers of the time were approached by the publishers ...more

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