Münchener Bach-Chor

This live recording of Brahms’ „German Requiem“ gains even more intensity through the occasion of its performance: on September 25, 2010, the Dominik- Brunner-Foundation organized a memorial concert for Dominik Brunner, the man who paid with his life for his courageous defense of four children from attackers in a Munich commuter train one year before.
The Munich Radio Orchestra, Münchener Bach- Chor as well as first class soloists performed Brahms’ famous Requiem, which is based on texts from Luther’s Bible, under the direction of Hansjörg Albrecht.
Brahms’ work is characterized by the fact that, in contrast to the Catholic requiem, its texts do not center around the dead, but on the survivors, or one could say, on man in general. The bible verses that Brahms chose concentrate both on consolation as well as the awareness that death is an inevitable fact of life for every human. The work clearly reflects Brahms’ own beliefs, fears and experiences and is thus a deeply human and personal avowal in word and sound.