Jena Philharmonic Orchestra

Hardly any other instrument is as similar to the human voice as the violon-cello. Countless composers have written concert pieces, romances, and arias for cello, giving it the role of the singer whose task is to captivate the audience with irresistible cantilenas and virtuoso outbursts. This collec-tion of Romantic concert pieces also places the greatest demands on the cel-list’s virtuosity. Ramon Jaffé, born in Riga, Latvia, studied with David Geringas and Boris Pergamenshikov. He has already performed with orchestras like the DSO Berlin, Stuttgart Philharmonic, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, St. Petersburg Philharmonic and Munich RSO. In addition to intensive activities as a chamber musician and teaching duties at the C.M. v. Weber Academy of Music in Leipzig, Ramon Jaffé is highly involved with the art of Flamenco and has appeared at major Flamenco festivals in Spain and France.
The Cello's Opera Voice OC 546