Christian Fröhlich

During his lifetime, Louis Spohr was one of his age‘s most esteemed musical personalities. Together with Niccolo Paganini, he was among the absolute top violinists; as Kassel‘s court kapellmeister, he had an essential infl uence on the renewal of orchestra culture. As a composer, he was more famous than many contemporaneous colleagues who would later be considered the masters of German musical tradition, e.g. Robert Schumann.
He composed violin concertos, symphonies and chamber music as well as oratorios and ten operas, of which only Faust and Jessonda are still considered to be noteworthy.
Now, Der Alchymist is available for the first time on CD. This is a live recording of a performance at the Staatstheater Braunschweig on May 24, 2009 – the fi rst time the opera was heard again after its last performance in Prague in 1838.
Louis Spohr: Der Alchymist OC 923