Sabine Liebner

Foto: Volker Derlath
Fono Forum awarded Sabine Liebner’s first recording of Feldman with five stars (Triadic Memories, OC 510). “Sabine Liebner’s outstanding qualities as an interpreter can be seen first and foremost in her ability to maintain the inner tension of the music, while simultaneously creating a sense of transformed repose,” judged Klassik heute. Her intimate connection with Feldman’s sound universe and music philosophy is also apparent in her new recording. Very few interpreters succeed as convincingly as Liebner – who has extensive experience in performing Feldman’s works live – in maintaining the requisite concentration over such long periods and bringing the listener into completely other perceptions of time. Feldman himself did not consider his works to be too long; “Most of them are even too short. I feel that pieces have a natural length, in order that they can live out their lives.” (Feldman in his Middelburg Lecture).