Irma Issakadze

Irma Issakadze, was born in 1976 in Tiflis, Georgia, into a family of significant musicians. She debuted at the age of nine with Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in a concert with the Georgian State Orchestra. At fourteen, she entered the class of Ludwig Hoffmann at the Academy of Theater and Music in Munich. She obtained her degree in concert piano with Vladimir Krainev at the Academy of Music in Hanover. Irma Issakadze has concertized in Spain, Italy, Germany, Georgia, France, Switzerland and the USA. The NDR broadcast one of her concerts with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Hanover of the NDR under Eiji Oue. With her recording of the Goldberg Variations, the young pianist demonstrates her compelling musical personality with an interpretation that is based on knowledge of the great achievements throughout the history of the interpretation of this central work and which likewise finds its own way between the great pianistic tradition and today’s historically informed performance practice. The CD, which was recorded, mixed and mastered in “real” DSD, without converting from PCM format, was made in the renowned mediaHYPERIUM Studio in California, produced using the highest level of recording technology available today.