Andreas Götz

One of the few remaining large organs from the shop of Munich organ builder Franz Borgias Maerz is located in the Catholic parish church of St. Rupert in Munich. The instrument’s outstanding significance rests on the fact that it is one of the few surviving concert organs of the time and was originally built for the royal Odeon in Munich, where it remained until 1907. The booklet of this SACD gives thorough information on the instrument’s eventful history: it survived the chaos of the Second World War and was carefully restored beginning in 1997. Organist Andreas Götz has recorded works which are directly linked to the Odeon organ or whose creation is related to its immediate environment. As a professor for organ and composition in Munich, Josef Rheinberger, for instance, was a regular soloist on the Odeon organ, and in his performance of the Organ Sonata No. 9, Andreas Götz limits himself to the 25 stops from Rheinberger’s time.
An Organ Treasure OC 622