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René Kollo & Oliver Pohl Franz Schubert:Winterreise OC 904 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberOC 904
Release date04/01/2005
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Schubert, Franz

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      René Kollo tenor
      Oliver Pohl piano

      On this recording

      With my interpretation of Winterreise, I hope to present listeners with a new view of Schubert’s Lied cycle. For me, Winter-reise is not primarily a story of farewell and the longing for death. I see it much more as the wrathful flight of a man, who – beset by the realities of class differences – must leave the one he loves. He fails in the face of social tensions; the rich girl is unattainable for him.

      He flees hurriedly, but expresses anger and rage rather than giving in to his fate with humility. I do not sing a melancholy farewell; the basic tenor is not sadness. Instead, a stirred up, angry man hastily departs his love – the listener hears this from the tempo of the first three songs.

      Starting with the fourth song, however, the music calms somewhat. The fugitive begins to linger; he searches his memory for moments which might help him begin a new life. But the bitterness and fury about his fate remain: dogs chase him away; the sleeping dream of a better world. In contrast to them, he continues his search.

      At the end, I sing of a new beginning – not of a standstill. In the person of the hurdy-gurdy grinder, the searcher finds one who has certainly traveled a similarly fateful path. He now sings his songs with him. The mood is lighter and tends slightly towards optimism.

      I am happy that this CD will be able to help ailing children and give them new hope. In both my capacity as father and member of the circle of friends of the Deutsche Kinderhilfe Direkt (German Direct Children’s Aid Association), I am glad to support the work of this organization. I would be pleased if you enjoy my interpretation of Winterreise as well.

      Yours sincerely,
      René Kollo

      Dear listener,

      by purchasing this CD you will not only be providing yourself with many hours of pleasure, you will also be helping sick and disadvantaged children. The proceeds of this CD go to the Deutsche Kinderhilfe Direkt (German Children’s Aid Direct), which will be able to finance numerous projects with these monies. Please accept my heartfelt thanks in advance.

      The Deutsche Kinderhilfe Direkt is a not-for-profit organization which helps sick and disadvantaged children. We support initiatives and organizations which are committed to children. In our “Playground Hospital” program, for example, we furnish children’s clinics and hospital wards to make them appealing and attractive for children, financing clinic clowns, toys, furniture and books as well. We fulfill the wishes of critically ill children or those with burns. We support riding therapy and send chronically ill children on vacations so that they can forget about their daily sorrows for a short while.

      Many people have helped us produce this benefit CD. By purchasing the Winterreise you will help sick children and give them the gift of new hope. Artists René Kollo and Oliver Pohl have not taken any fee for their work. The Berlin Brandenburg Radio Corporation provided its recording hall at no cost. I would now like to wish you a very special experience with this recording of René Kollo and his unique interpretation of Schubert’s Winterreise.

      If you would like to find out more about the work of the Deutschen Kinderhilfe Direkt, please call us or visit our website. We would be very happy to talk to you and/or send you further information.

      You are also welcome to support our work with financial contributions.

      Sincerely,Georg Ehrmann

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      Wilmersdorfer Str. 94
      D-10629 Berlin
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      CD 1
      • Franz Schubert (1797–1828) Winterreise D 911 Op. 89
        • 1.Gute Nacht03:45
        • 2.Die Wetterfahne01:35
        • 3.Gefrorne Tränen02:14
        • 4.Erstarrung02:36
        • 5.Der Lindenbaum04:02
        • 6.Wasserflut03:48
        • 7.Auf dem Flusse03:23
        • 8.Rückblick02:26
        • 9.Irrlicht02:47
        • 10.Rast02:58
        • 11.Frühlingstraum03:58
        • 12.Einsamkeit02:44
        • 13.Die Post02:14
        • 14.Der greise Kopf02:54
        • 15.Die Krähe01:27
        • 16.Letzte Hoffnung01:58
        • 17.Im Dorfe02:27
        • 18.Der stürmische Morgen00:48
        • 19.Täuschung01:07
        • 20.Der Wegweiser03:50
        • 21.Das Wirtshaus04:51
        • 22.Mut01:21
        • 23.Die Nebensonnen02:18
        • 24.Der Leiermann03:47
      • Total:01:05:18