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Guido Schiefen & Jacob Leuschner Das Gesamtwerk für Violoncello und Klavier OC 456 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberOC 456
Release date01/08/2016
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Reger, Max

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      Max Reger (1873-1916)

      CD 1
      Caprice in A minor (without opus number)
      Sonata in F minor Op. 5
      Caprice in B minor Op. 79e Nr. 1
      Little Romance in D major Op. 79e Nr. 2
      Sonata in G minor Op. 28
      Romance in G major (without opus number)

      CD 2
      Sonata in F major Op. 78
      Aria from the Suite in A minor Op. 103a (arranged for cello
      and piano by the composer)
      Sonata in A minor Op. 116

      Guido Schiefen, cello
      Jacob Leuschner, piano

      Max Reger has remained a controversial composer, in a way perhaps comparable to Wagner, Hindemith and Shostakovich. Even today, the presence of his oeuvre is by no means a matter of course in concert life or on recordings; there are still numerous musicians, including serious ones, who reject his work, at times with good reason. And indeed, even a trained, experienced listener may find it difficult to grasp, let alone comprehend a large composition by Reger at first hearing. Nor is everyone aware that Reger composed four sonatas for violoncello and piano. The present recording does a great deal to compensate for this gap in knowledge.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Caprice A-Moll01:31
      • Sonate Nr. 1 F-Moll Op. 5
        • 2.Allegro maestoso ma appassionato10:36
        • 3.Adagio con gran aff etto09:28
        • 4.Finale. Allegro (un poco scherzando)06:18
      • 5.Caprice Op. 79E Nr. 102:06
      • 6.Kleine Romanze Op. 79E Nr. 201:57
      • Sonate Nr. 2 G-Moll Op. 28
        • 7.Agitato08:10
        • 8.Prestissimo assai03:06
        • 9.Intermezzo. Poco sostenuto (quasi adagio)04:37
        • 10.Allegretto con grazia (quasi allegro)06:09
      • 11.Romanze G-Dur01:27
      • Total:55:25
      CD 2
      • Sonate Nr. 3 F-Dur Op. 78
        • 1.Allegro con brio10:06
        • 2.Vivacissimo03:31
        • 3.Andante con variazioni08:13
        • 4.Allegro vivace07:32
      • 5.Aria Op. 103A Nr. 3 (vom Komponisten bearbeitet für Violoncello und Klavier)04:36
      • Sonate Nr. 4 A-Moll Op. 116
        • 6.Allegro moderato10:08
        • 7.Presto04:05
        • 8.Largo06:57
        • 9.Allegretto con grazia08:17
      • Total:01:03:25