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Susanne Maria Schwarz (geb. Lang) Evgenij Gunst: Werke für Klavier - Wanderer zwischen den Welten OC 899 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberOC 899
Release date14/04/2014
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Gunst, Evgenij

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      Evgenij Gunst

      Works for Piano
      including Heidelberg Sketches, Danses Fantasques, Douze Miniatures

      Susanne Maria Schwarz, piano

      In the spring of 2010, in the basement of the Musicological Seminar of the University of Basle, the estate of the Russian composer Evgenij Gunst was discovered. It hadended up there in an adventurous manner, and been stored, unobserved, for over a half century in two battered packing cases in the rearmost corner of the archive room. Evgenij Gunst was born into a rich Moscow family, the son of a father of German origins. In his time, he was a highly regarded artist, in some respects also providing artistic stimulus in pre-revolutionary Russia. Gunst associated with the most important personalities of the Russian musical scene; amongstothers, he was a close associate of the Russian composer Aleksandr Skrjabin. After the revolutionary upheavals, he emigrated in 1920 via Estonia to Paris.Although he was active in the Parisian cultural environment during his exile for the rest of his life – amongst other things, he was a co-founder of the Conservatoire russe in Paris – he died there unrecognised and impoverished in 1950. Today, his name hardly appears in any encyclopaedia of Russian music. His biography appears to have been as much deleted from general consciousness as from official music history.

      With the present CD, the pianist Susanne Maria Schwarz proves that the oblivion of Evgenij Gunst has been completely undeserved.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Allegro ma non troppo08:44
      • 2.Allegro assai04:43
      • Trois Préludes op. 13
        • 3.Agitato01:32
        • 4.Irato01:19
        • 5.Moderato02:21
      • Heidelberger Skizzen op. 6
        • 6.Nr. 1 Das Schloss. Misterioso02:47
        • 7.Nr. 2 Das Neckartal. Mormorando02:42
        • 8.Nr. 3 Im Untergeschosse. Das große Fass. Deciso01:50
      • Romances sans Paroles e-Moll op. 2
        • 9.Nr. 1 Agitato02:40
      • Danses fantasques op. 29
        • 10.Nr. 1 Sylphes. Vivo, volante02:39
        • 11.Nr. 2 Géants. Con vigore02:42
        • 12.Nr. 3 Nymphes. Grazioso02:36
        • 13.Nr. 4 Gnomes. Vivo. Giocoso01:48
        • 14.Nr. 5 Au festin du roi des mers. Allegro02:19
      • Romances sans paroles cis-Moll op. 2
        • 15.Nr. 2 Andante03:21
      • Douze Miniatures op. 28
        • 16.Nr. 1 Marionnette. Allegro giocoso01:18
        • 17.Nr. 2 Quand il pleut … Melancolico01:29
        • 18.Nr. 3 Voilà des amis! Subito animato, sempre pesante00:49
        • 19.Nr. 4 Le petit acrobate. Con allegrezza01:00
        • 20.Nr. 5 Feuilles d’automne. Moderato01:08
        • 21.Nr. 6 Les guêpes. Volante01:18
        • 22.Nr. 7 Au bois, cueillons des fraises! Animato01:45
        • 23.Nr. 8 En canot, sur la rivière. Tranquillo 002:02
        • 24.Nr. 9 Un beau soir d’été - Sérénade joyeuse. Con umorismo 001:14
        • 25.Nr. 10 Dès le chant du coq. Moderato02:13
        • 26.Nr. 11 Danse des fleurs. Vivace01:21
        • 27.Nr. 12 Finale joyeux. Allegro con brio01:20
      • 28.Sonate Nr. 2 cis-Moll op. 1012:59
      • Total:01:13:59