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Die Welte-Philharmonie-Orgel The Britannic Organ Vol. 7 - Welte´s Swiss Organists OC 846 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberOC 846
Release date14/11/2013
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian
  • Bossi, Marco Enrico
  • Dubois, Théodore
  • Franck, César
  • Gigout, Eugène
  • Guilmant, Alexandre
  • Lorenz, Karl Adolph
  • Mailly, Alphonse Jean Ernest
  • Reger, Max
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille
  • Scheidt, Samuel
  • Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon
  • Wagner, Richard

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      The Britannic Organ - Vol. 7

      The Welte Philharmonie Organ in the Museum of Music Machines in Seewen, Switzerland
      Works of Bossi, Wagner, Gigout, Lorenz, Mailly, Saint-Saens, Franck, Reger, Bach, Sweelinck, Scheidt, Dubois, Guilmant
      Organists: Franz Joseph Breitenbach, Paul Hindermann, Karl Matthei, Johann Jakob Nater
      Recorded on strictly numbered Welte rolls (master)

      The Welte Philharmonie Organ in the chapel of Meggenhorn Castle on Lake Lucerne should be mentioned here, as well as the instrument of the Museum of Music Machines in Seewen, which was intended as a Welte Philharmonie Organ for the ocean liner Britannic – the sister ship of the Titanic. Both organs have survived to the present day from the early twentieth century, when they were built by the Welte company, and were restored by Kuhn organ builders, one of the leading Swiss organ building firms. Both instruments allow the recordings with the Welte Philharmonie system, also made with Swiss organists in Freiburg im Breisgau starting in 1911, to be resurrected.

      Tracklist hide

      hide CD 1
      • Marco Enrico Bossi (1861–1925)
        Organist: Franz Joseph Breitenbach
        • 1.Festive March op. 118 No. 8 - Welte Roll 1068 (master)04:02
      • Richard Wagner (1813–1883)
        Organist: Franz Joseph Breitenbach
        • 2.Lohengrin – Elsa's Bridal Procession - Welte Roll 1077 (master)08:50
      • Eugène Gigout (1844–1925)
        Organist: Franz Joseph Breitenbach
        • 3.Scherzo - Welte Roll 1069 (master)04:31
      • Karl Adolph Lorenz (1837–1923)
        Organist: Franz Joseph Breitenbach
        • 4.Variations op. 72 No. 4 on “Home Sweet Home” - Welte Roll 107107:52
      • Alphonse Jean Ernest Mailly (1833–1918)
        Organist: Franz Joseph Breitenbach
        • 5.Solemn March - Welte Roll 1072 (master)05:00
      • Camille Saint-Saëns (1835–1921)
        Organist: Franz Joseph Breitenbach
        • 6.Rhapsodie No. 2 op. 7 - Welte Roll 1073 (master)07:18
      • César Franck (1822–1890)
        Organist: Paul Hindermann
        • 7.Pièce Héroïque - Welte Roll 748 (master)12:29
      • Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns (1835–1921)
        Organist: Paul Hindermann
        • 8.Bénédiction nuptiale - Welte Roll 4016 (master)07:47
      • Max Reger (1873–1916)
        Organist: Paul Hindermann
        • 9.Ave Maria op. 80 No. 5 - Welte Roll 742 (copy)06:23
      • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
        Organist: Paul Hindermann
        • 10.Toccata and Fugue d Minor (BWV 565) - Welte Roll 751 (copy)08:55
      • Total:01:13:07
      more CD 2
      • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
        Organist: Karl Matthaei
        • 1.Toccata in F Major (BWV 540i) - Welte Roll 2052 (master)08:55
      • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621)
        Organist: Karl Matthaei
        • 2.Variations on Mein junges Leben hat ein End - Welte Roll 2062 (master)07:32
        • 3.Unter der Linden grüne – Allemande - Welte Roll 2063 (master)06:24
      • Samuel Scheidt (1587–1654)
        Organist: Karl Matthaei
        • 4.Passamezzo 12 Variations - Welte Roll 2059 (master)15:23
      • Théodore Dubois (1837–1924)
        Organist: Johann Jakob Nater
        • 5.Fiat Lux - Welte Roll 1059 (master) 04:48
        • 6.Chant Pastorale (in c Minor) - Welte Roll 1278 (copy/master)04:08
        • 7.Alleluia (O filii et filiae) - Welte Roll 1282 (master)05:06
      • Alexandre Guilmant (1837–1911)
        Organist: Johann Jakob Nater
        • 8.Noël Elevation No. 6 Book IV - Welte Roll 1313 (master)02:34
        • 9.Sonata c Minor op. 80 No. 5, 1st movement (Allegro appassionata)07:14
        • 10.Sonata c Minor op. 80 No. 5, 2nd movement (Adagio)07:43
        • 11.Sonata c Minor op. 80 No. 5, 3rd movement (Scherzo)
          Welte Rolls 1056, 1057, 1058 (masters)
      • Total:01:16:38