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William Youn Plays Mozart Sonatas Vol. 3 OC 1830 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberOC 1830
Release date01/10/2015
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

      Sonata No.1 in C major, K. 279
      Sonata No.11 in A major, K. 331 Alla Turca
      Sonata No.15 in F major, K. 533

      William Youn, piano

      Late last year, part of Mozart’s manuscript of the Sonata, K. 331 was found in Budapest. The manuscript, with the exception of the last page of the last movement, Rondo alla turca, had so far been considered missing under mysterious circumstances. The new Urtext, according to the pianist’s statement, not only contains alterations in the phrase markings, articulation, rhythm and dynamics, but there are some different notes as well. The opening of the second movement is particularly interesting for William Youn: “With the new phrase indication and new note (A instead of Csharp) in the third bar, I play the entire phrase with a completely different agogic quality, which lends it a different character as well. Bars 24–26 of the same movement have always been played in the minor key up until now – and they are now suddenly in major!”

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      CD 1
      • Klaviersonate C-Dur, KV 279
        • 1.I. Allegro07:40
        • 2.II. Andante07:46
        • 3.III. Allegro04:58
      • Klaviersonate A-Dur, KV 331 Alla Turca
        • 4.I. Tema. Andante grazioso01:55
        • 5.Variation I01:35
        • 6.Variation II01:33
        • 7.Variation III01:44
        • 8.Variation IV01:44
        • 9.Variation V (Adagio)03:50
        • 10.Variation VI (Allegro)01:25
        • 11.II. Menuetto06:10
        • 12.III. Allegrino, Alla Turca03:36
      • Klaviersonate F-Dur, KV 533
        • 13.I. Allegro10:44
        • 14.II. Andante14:21
        • 15.III. Rondo: Allegretto06:37
      • Total:01:15:38