Wolfgang Netzer

Béla Bartók’s collection of folk music is one of the most important music-eth-nological compendiums in the world. Bartók was by no means the only com-poser to use this collection as the basis for artistic encounters with the fasci-nating world of Balkan folk music. Close examination of these peasant tunes, their rhythms, incomparable melodic flow and pentatonic harmonies has now inspired composer and musician Wolfgang Netzer to develop his own musical interpretations of this material. Together with soprano Audrey Luna, clarinet-ist Gabriele Mirabassi and percussionist Sascha Gotowtschikow, Netzer has created an album with an entirely original sound, originating from completely different musical influences. Netzer himself says, “In the end, we came up with music not particularly related to Hungary – but whose central statement, however, rises from the soul of this highly musical folk.” (W. Netzer)
Huj OC 557