VokalEnsemble Köln

Now that Reinhard Goebel, pioneer in the world of historically informed early music performance, has officially declared that his work with Musica Antiqua Köln is coming to an end, we now encounter him in a new role: as conduc-tor of a modern symphony orchestra. But Goebel’s move away from original instruments does not mean that he will be restricting himself to the standard repertoire! In his first opera production, Goebel presents a seldom heard work by late 18th century composer Michael Haydn, “Andromeda and Perseus”, composed in 1787 and premiered in Salzburg. This release is the first CD of the historic German setting of the libretto as found in Haydn’s original score. The unimaginably virtuosic arias and recitatives are linked by modern texts that compellingly lead us through the drama.