Benjamin Schmid


About this program writes Benjamin Schmid in the booklet to his birthday box at OehmsClassics (this CD is already included in the box): “My favourite pieces, albeit usually in the versions by the incomparably ingenious arranger Fritz Kreisler, are: Paganini’s greatest hit during his lifetime: Le streghe, coupled to Rossini’s Non più mesta, music of acrobatic virtuosity, always linked to filigree sensitivity. Paganini’s bel canto Cantabile must be included, as must his moving Sonata XII or the popular La Campanella. They are side by side with Milstein’s Paganiniana – still one of my most frequent encores – or the classic Devil’s Trill Sonata by Tartini. Alexander Müllenbach’s Capriccio forms a bridge to virtuosity today.”

My Favourite Paganini OC 1893