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Roman Trekel & Bruno Ganz Johannes Brahms: Die schöne Magelone OC 331 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberOC 331
Release date07/01/2004
Players/ContributorsMusicians Composer
  • Brahms, Johannes

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      Roman Trekel baritone
      Bruno Ganz speaker
      Oliver Pohl piano

      The 15-part lied cycle Die schöne Magelone by Johannes Brahms – after texts by Ludwig Tieck – is the composer’s only cycle exclusively on one theme. Bruno Ganz and Roman Trekel – together with his piano accompanist Oliver Pohl – present a congenial interpretation.

      Text samples

      [01] “No man has yet regretted
      it who bestrode his steed,
      in the first flush of youth
      to speed through the world.
      Mountains and meadows,
      lonely forest,
      maidens and women
      splendidly attired,
      golden jewellery,
      all delight him with their beauty of form.
      Strangely fly
      shapes past him,
      passionately burn
      desires in his youth-drunk brain.
      Fame strews upon him roses,
      quickly in his path,
      love and caresses,
      laurels and roses
      lead him higher and higher onward.
      Joys surround him,
      enemies envy
      the hero who conquered them–
      Then modestly he chooses
      the lady who pleases him most.
      And mountains and fields
      and lonely woods
      he scans behind him.
      The old folks in tears,
      ah, all their longing! –
      all are united by loveliest happiness.
      When years have passed,
      he tells it to his son
      in their times together,
      and shows his wounds,
      the reward of bravery.
      So age itself remains ever young,
      a beam of light in the dusk.“

      [02] “Truly! bow and arrow
      are fit for the foe,
      Helplessly, ever and anon
      like wretched man weeps;
      A noble soul blossoms happily
      wherever the sun shines,
      the cliffs may be steep,
      but luck is his friend.“

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      • Johannes Brahms (1833–1897)
        Romanzen Op. 33 aus Die schöne Magelone von Ludwig Tieck
        • 1.Text: „In der Provence herrschte…“01:31
        • 2.Keinen hat es noch gereut03:56
        • 3.Text: „Der Jüngling hörte still…“02:20
        • 4.Traun! Bogen und Pfeil sind gut für den Feind01:39
        • 5.Text: „Er kam nach vielen Tagereisen…“03:43
        • 6.Sind es Schmerzen, sind es Freuden06:02
        • 7.Text: „In derselben Nacht war Magelone…“02:26
        • 8.Liebe kam aus fernen Landen03:58
        • 9.Text: „Dieses Lied rührte Magelone…02:04
        • 10.So willst du des Armen dich gnädig erbarmen?01:35
        • 11.Text: „Der Ritter befand sich am…“01:09
        • 12.Wie soll ich die Freude, die Wonne denn tragen?06:58
        • 13.Text: „Jetzt war die Zeit da…“01:50
        • 14.War es dir, dem diese Lippen bebten03:00
        • 15.Text: „Peter hatte seine Geliebte indessen…“03:26
        • 16.Wir müssen uns trennen03:59
        • 17.Text: „Die bestimmte Nacht war gekommen…“01:57
        • 18.Ruhe, Süßliebchen05:30
        • 19.Text: „Peter war durch seinen Gesang…“04:06
        • 20.So tönet denn, schäumende Wellen02:52
      • Total:01:04:01
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      • Total:29:45