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George Petrou & Münchner Rundfunkorchester Johann Simon Mayr: La Lodoiska OC 954 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberOC 954
Release date08/06/2011
  • Belfiore, Elena
  • Cilic, Marko
  • Hasanagic, Elvira
  • Heinemeyer, Stefan
  • Huh, Nam Won
  • Megele, Marc
  • Männerchor des Prager Philharmonischen Chors
  • Münchner Rundfunkorchester
  • Ovenden, Jeremy
  • Panzarella, Anna Maria
  • Petrou, George
  • Reinhardt, Ines
  • Mayr, Johann Simon

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      Giovanni Simone Mayr
      La Lodoiska
      Anna Maria Panzarella, soprano · Elena Belfiore, mezzosoprano
      Jeremy Ovenden, tenor · Elvira Hasanagic, soprano
      Ines Reinhardt, soprano · Nam Won Huh, tenor
      Marc Megele, tenor · Marko Cilic, tenor
      Men´s Chorus of the Philharmonic Chorus Prague
      Munich Radio Orchestra · George Petrou, conductor

      Giovanni Simone Mayr’s La Lodoiska premiered in 1796 in Venice. It was among the most popular operas of its time. At the center of Mayr’s turbulent opera, which is full of power politics, is a couple trying to find each other. Gripping and suspenseful throughout, the action of the choral and ensemble scenes supports this tableau from beginning to end. The figure of Lodoiska and her musical characterization are among Mayr’s best creations.

      Giovanni Simone Mayr, the master of Italian opera from Bavaria, is experiencing a rightful Renaissance. In 2009 and 2010, his opera “Media in Corinto” underwent two great successes: at the Theater St. Gallen and the Bavarian State Opera. This interpretation of Lodoiska was recorded live during a guest performance of the Munich Radio Orchestra in Ingolstadt in September 2010.

      Tracklist hide

      hide CD 1
      • 1.Sinfonia04:55
      • Atto primo
        • 2.Introduzione03:24
        • 3.Dopo l’introduzione00:39
        • 4.Coro e sortita Boleslao04:59
        • 5.Con strumenti01:48
        • 6.Dopo la cavatina di Boleslao00:20
        • 7.Duetto Lodoiska – Boleslao03:40
        • 8.Coro02:06
        • 9.Dopo il coro dei Tartari02:53
        • 10.Cavatina Lovinski02:05
        • 11.Dopo la cavatina di Lovinski03:24
        • 12.Recitativo Lovinski02:04
        • 13.Con strumenti00:59
        • 14.Aria Lovinski03:36
        • 15.Scena e cavatina di Lodoiska07:37
        • 16.Dopo la cavatina di Lodoiska00:35
        • 17.Con strumenti00:31
        • 18.Aria Boleslao03:28
        • 19.Scena, terzetto e finale primo atto13:12
      • Total:01:02:15
      more CD 2
      • Atto secondo
        • 1.Coro01:38
        • 2.Dopo il coro02:09
        • 3.Con strumenti00:37
        • 4.Duetto Lovinski Boleslao04:45
        • 5.Dopo il duetto00:41
        • 6.Aria Resista02:55
        • 7.Dopo l’aria di Resiska01:25
        • 8.Con strumenti00:48
        • 9.Aria Lodoiska06:23
        • 10.Dopo l’aria di Lodoiska00:58
        • 11.Coro di Polacchi, con strumenti, ed aria Boleslao09:26
        • 12.Dopo l’aria di Boleslao00:32
        • 13.Aria Narseno02:10
        • 14.Dopo l’aria di Narseno01:52
        • 15.Con strumenti02:41
        • 16.Rondò di Lovinski05:56
        • 17.Dopo il rondò di Lovinski00:53
        • 18.Coro di Polacchi e quartetto07:58
        • 19.Dopo il quartetto00:46
        • 20.Aria Radoski02:30
        • 21.Dopo l’aria di Radoski01:18
        • 22.Con strumenti01:53
        • 23.Duettino Lodoiska Lovinski03:28
        • 24.Coro e finale secondo11:11
      • Total:01:14:53